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józefów, Warsaw, poland


Web Design, Webflow, CMS, UX, Content




This project involved an end-to-end redesign and development of the website for a Józefów-based restaurant known for its fusion of traditional and modern culinary approaches. The restaurant enjoys a strong reputation, underscored by high ratings on Google, for its varied menu and passionate food preparation.

The aim was to revitalize the restaurant’s online presence with a website that mirrors its philosophy and style, improving user engagement and online visibility.

Agency's Role and Contributions

Our team undertook a comprehensive approach to transform the restaurant's digital presence. The process began with extensive research to deeply understand the restaurant's philosophy and customer perceptions, which influenced the website's content strategy. We focused on showcasing the restaurant's unique approach to European cuisine and its open kitchen feature through carefully crafted content.

Utilizing advanced no-code platforms like Webflow, we developed a dynamic, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing website. This approach allowed for a tailored design that aligned with the restaurant's brand identity.

A significant component of our work was developing a customized Content Management System (CMS) for the restaurant's menu, ensuring ease of updates and accuracy in their online offerings.

Our team also prioritized incorporating interactive elements into the website design. This included integrating features like hover effects, animated transitions, and responsive elements to create an engaging user experience.

Throughout the project, we focused on crafting each element of the website to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. This involved implementing best practices in UX design to optimize the site’s navigation, loading times, and overall functionality.


The project culminated in a sophisticated website redesign that effectively encapsulates the restaurant's commitment to culinary excellence and its blend of traditional and modern practices. The new website has significantly enhanced the restaurant's digital footprint, making it more engaging and accessible to a broader audience.

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